We did it! We raised $458,495 for the 2019 Campaign!

Research shows the every $1 donated returns a $3 economic impact. This means that state employees made a $1.38 million impact in the state of Montana.

The State Employee Charitable Giving Campaign (SECGC) is the annual opportunity for state employees to donate to the organization(s) of their choice via payroll deduction, cash, check, credit, or debit card. It runs annually for 6 weeks starting mid September.

State employees have generous hearts and make a huge difference! Thank you for your generosity!


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Participation Reports

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SECGC Advisory Council


Chair, Dept. of Administration
Mike Manion
(406) 444-3310

Dept. Fish Wildlife & Parks
Danielle Williams
(406) 444-4320

Dept. of Justice
Liz Bangerter
(406) 438-2733

Dept. of Revenue  
Sandy Booth
(406) 444-7407

Legislative Services Division
Hope Stockwell
(406) 444-9280

Dept. of Commerce
Penny Fassett
(406) 841-2718

Dept. of Transportation
Kirsten Wrzesinski
(406) 444-3107


Montana Shares
Bill Crane
(406) 442-2218

Career Training Institute
Jasyn Harrington
(406) 443-0800

United Way of Cascade County
Gary Owen
(406) 727-3400


SECGC Program Coordinator - United Way of Lewis & Clark Area
Brittany Rooze
(406) 442-4360


Department of Administration - Director's Office
Belinda Adams
(406) 444-2460